birdie is a jewelry + adornment line by Chelsea Bird Hoard inspired by heritage, connection, and the cosmos — handmade in Seattle, Washington


i am birdie

My great grandmother was Mona Bird, more affectionately known to me as Grandma Birdie. I never met her, but I know her through my family's retelling of her strength + empowerment, her love of beauty + making, and her sweet sass + in-charge demeanor. She was a hard working homemaker, gardener, seamstress, and loving matriarch.
When I was born, I was given my name, Chelsea Bird — my middle name in Mona's honor —  and I became Birdie, too. Birdie lives on in me through the way I choose to live my life each day. To me, birdie is a culmination of all my passions and beliefs. It represents my innate (though maybe difficult to locate, at times) ability to stay true to myself, to honor my roots but still allow myself to follow my own path.

you are birdie

I see this ability, this sense of self, in you. I believe you would thrive if everyone, including yourself, embraced and honored you for who you are. 

we are birdie

Through birdie, I hope to not only live out + continue to create and develop my own purpose, but to encourage and support others in doing so as well. Call me a dreamer, but I think when we come together in community, and in a love + support that stems from a deep self-knowing, we can lift each other up. More of us can get to where we want to be, where we were meant to be.
So yes, Mona was birdie... and I am birdie... but so are you... and that is what I believe can bring us together. #wearebirdie, and together, we can make ish happen.

 photo:  Eric Rabena
Hello! I am birdie, Chelsea Bird to be more specific. I'm a Michigander at heart, but I live + work in Seattle, Washington – where the fresh air and beautiful communities of the Pacific Northwest have given me a second home. I live in possibility – inspired by people and art, travel and words. I feel most alive when I'm experiencing a new place. I breathe easiest in alpine air. I'm happiest surrounded by loved ones. I feel most myself in my yoga practice, or when I'm making something beautiful and unique.
I have been silversmithing, designing, and making jewelry for over 15 years. Jewelry design has taught me patience and craftsmanship – and to this day, the work allows me to surprise myself. I'm beyond excited to be sharing my passions with you through birdie, so feel free to peruse and wander at your own pace... and please contact me with any questions you may have – I'd love to hear from you!  Enjoy. ♡